How does the Job Guarantee work?

Your 100% Risk-Free Job Guarantee

If you are on the fence about spending money learning tech skills and want to know whether or not Skillcrush has a job guarantee before you make a commitment, the good news is: yes, we do!

How the Job Guarantee Works

Here’s the straight and narrow: our goal is to get you a job. Getting your first job in a new industry is often the hardest job search of all, so you have to really WANT IT!

But don’t worry, together we can do hard things!

We’ve had a lot of experience teaching students technical skills and coaching them through their first job search in tech. We have helped students learn new skills, build beautiful portfolios, and then leverage those skills to land incredible jobs, jobs they couldn’t have imagined they would have been able to get, and faster than they would have believed was possible. 

We plan to do the same for you.

To maximize your chances of career change success, we’ll ask you to follow our proven tech skill learning and job search program. And yes, we’re going to hold you accountable! But it’s all for one unilateral reason: WE WANT YOU TO LEARN THE SKLLS AND GET HIRED!

Of course, we want you to hold us accountable too, so if you do everything we tell you to do and you don’t get a job, that’s on us, which is why we have the Job Guarantee in place. 

Generally speaking the job guarantee works like this: we expect you to complete all the tech skill classes and milestones that make up your career track within a reasonable timeframe and then graduate to the Get Hired program. 

Once you’ve begun the Get Hired portion of the program, we expect you to complete all your Get Hired classes, participate in all required coaching sessions, hit our job application weekly counts, prospect for all your job applications and attend group coaching sessions most of the weeks you are actively job searching.

Down below you will read the nitty gritty, but the job guarantee is really based on the premise that if you do your job, we have to do our job. And if we don’t do that, you have the right to ask for a refund.


First and foremost, the “Job Guarantee” is a tuition refund. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee anyone literal employment.

To be eligible to receive a refund via our Job Guarantee tuition refund, you will need to meet all of the following requirements:

  • You began your job search within one year (12 months) of having enrolled in the Break Into Tech program
  • Before the start of your job search, you will do all of the following:
    • Complete all your career track coursework & have your portfolio approved by a class instructor
    • Complete Class 1: Complete Your Resume, Linkedin, and Portfolio in the Get Hired Track
    • Meet with a career coach to review your job search materials
    • Have job search materials approved by a career coach
    • Have your prospecting outreach email approved by a career coach
  • During your job search:
    • Your job search start date is the day your prospecting emails are approved by a career coach, this is set in our internal system as your “Job Search Start Date”
    • For the period of 6 months (180 days) following your “Job Search Start Date,” you will do all of the following:
      • Attend at least 20 weekly coaching sessions
      • Apply to 30 jobs per week using our outbound email outreach methodology which means prospecting 2-5 contacts within every company that you apply for a job
      • Complete Class 2: Launch Your Job Search
      • Complete Class 3: Prepare For The Interview Process
      • Complete Class 4: Ace Your Technical Test
      • Complete a 1-on-1 mock interview session with a career coach

In addition to the above requirements, any of the following actions will make you ineligible for the job guarantee tuition refund:

  • Materially changing your portfolio, resume, or LinkedIn profile after it’s been reviewed & approved without first discussing said change with your career coach
  • Taking a break from job searching for more than a cumulative 3 weeks during the 24 weeks (or 180 days) that make up the 6-month job search period
  • Choosing to apply for a substantial number (10+ per week) of jobs outside of the area of your training instead of in your area of training (e.g., applying for technical support positions, customer service, project management, backend development roles, etc.)
  • Deciding you no longer want to pursue jobs in your career track
  • Choosing not to complete all classes in your career track
  • Taking longer than 12 months to complete the classes in your chosen career track

A job offer is considered a qualified offer if it:

  • Is a full-time job 
  • Is a part-time job (and you are seeking part-time employment)
  • Is a freelance/contract position lasting at least 3 months
  • Is an internship/apprenticeship paying at least minimum wage and lasting at least 3 months

If all of the above requirements are met, and you have not received a “qualified” job offer after 180 days of your job search start date, you will be eligible for the Job Guarantee refund.

The refund will be for the amount of your full tuition payment, not exceeding $2,499 for one-time payment purchases or $2,748 for payment plans. The cost of any add-ons will not be refunded, and those costs are not eligible for the job guarantee.

If you need to request a refund, reach out to the Get Hired student coordinator at [email protected] to schedule a meeting with a career coach to discuss it with them.


The “Job Guarantee” terms and conditions only apply to your eligibility for the Job Guarantee tuition refund. If for any reason, you cannot meet the requirements, you will continue to have access to the Get Hired curriculum and be provided with full support services for the 6-month duration of your job search.

If you are deemed ineligible for the tuition refund, or you choose not to follow our exact guidelines, you will continue to have access to all of the Get Hired curriculum and, importantly, all of our support. 

In other words, failing or choosing not to fulfill the requirements of the job guarantee in no way affects your access to the Get Hired program and attendant services.


Feel free to send any questions you have to [email protected]

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