How does the Job Guarantee work?

Your 100% Risk-Free Job Guarantee

If you are on the fence about spending money learning tech skills and want to know whether or not Skillcrush has a job guarantee before you make a commitment, the good news is: yes, we do!

How the Job Guarantee Works

If you complete your Break Into Tech Career Track and your Get Hired Track and you do not get an offer for a qualifying paying tech job within 180 days of starting your job search, we’ll refund you for the Get Hired Track ($899).

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I land a job? Do you have companies you’re affiliated with that will give me a job at the end of the program?

In the Break Into Tech program, we give you everything—and I mean EVERYTHING—you need to land a job. You’ll not only learn today’s most marketable tech skills but also essential job searching and interviewing skills that help you stand out among other applicants.

While we aren’t directly affiliated with companies who will hand you a job at the end of the program, your career coaches will walk you through the entire process step by step, so we’re confident you’ll land a job ASAP.

Does it matter which Career Track I take?

Nope! Whether you select the Front End Developer or Designer Career Track, our offer still stands. 

How do you track how much coursework I’ve completed? Why do I need to complete the coursework?

Our instructors are able to view your progress through our website. (And you can view your own progress through the dashboard.)

Making a career change isn’t rocket science, but it does take work. If you’re committed to the work, we’re committed to you. We invest countless hours in creating what we believe to be the best online skill-training materials, and even MORE hours mentoring, coaching, and supporting our students as they learn the skills, build their portfolios, and yes, land jobs.  

But we can’t guarantee you results if you don’t put in the work! 

How do you track how many jobs I’ve applied to?

You track all of your own job search progress on a Job Tracking spreadsheet that we give you. Your career coaches will check in weekly with you to see how they can best support you, but they won’t be looking over your shoulder asking you to prove you’ve been applying.

This is all to say that the Job Guarantee is really a gentle(wo)man’s agreement. We’re going to take your word for it.  

We know that investing your time and money in an online course is a risk and requires you to take a leap of faith, so if you take a risk on us, we’re happy to take a risk on you.  

That said, in our experience, over the course of the program, we get to know our students REALLY well! Our alums are our most favorite people, and we usually stay in touch long after they complete the program.  

What does it mean to “complete” the Career Track and the Get Hired Track?

Good question! The first thing you need to know is that Break Into Tech includes something called Career Tracks, which are designed to get you from where you are now to being job-ready as fast as possible.

To complete the Career Track and Get Hired Track (and be eligible for the Job Guarantee), you'll need to:

  • Complete all the coursework in one of the Career Tracks. 
    • 5 classes and 1 milestone in the Front End Developer Career Track, OR
    • 4 classes and 1 milestone in the Designer Career Track.
    • Have your portfolio reviewed and approved by Skillcrush instructor.
  • Complete all the coursework in the Get Hired Track.
    • 4 classes in the Get Hired Track.
    • Have your resume and LinkedIn reviewed and approved by Skillcrush career coach.
  • Attend all mentor and career coach check-ins:
    • 4 mentor sessions in Career Track phase
    • 1 1-on-1 career coach session in Get Hired Track
    • 6 consecutive weekly group sessions in Get Hired Track
    • 1 mock interview in Get Hired Track
  • Apply to 30 qualifying jobs per week for 180* days and track all activity in your Job Tracking spreadsheet. 

*The 180 day period begins once you submit your Job Tracking Spreadsheet in the Get Hired Track.

Now we know that 30 jobs may seem like a scary number, but never fear! This job search process is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. As our students have proven, it’s totally doable–even if you’re working full-time. Yes, it will take dedication, but this process works, and we’ll be there to walk you through it every step of the way.

Also, we know everyone goes on vacation or has a sick day now and then, so you can miss the 30 application goal twice within the 180 days and still qualify for a refund.

Also, please note that you must be 18 years or older and if you decide to decline a qualifying job offer you will not be eligible for a refund.

What jobs fall into the “qualifying jobs” category?

First know that we don’t limit you to certain job titles, especially because they can vary greatly depending on the company. Instead, qualifying jobs include the following types of positions in the technical field:

  • Paid full-time positions
  • Paid part-time positions
  • Paid contract positions that span at least a 3-month timeframe
  • Paid freelance positions that span at least a 3-month timeframe
  • Paid internships that span at least a 3-month timeframe
  • Paid apprenticeships that span at least a 3-month timeframe

Anything else I should know?

We’re 100% serious: our number one concern is you and your career success. If we’re not able to help you realize your career dreams, then refunding your hard-earned money is the least we can do! 

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