What makes Skillcrush special?

Some of the things that make Skillcrush special are:

-You'll be learning step-by-step with our unique videos, readings, interactive exercises, and projects which are all online and available to you 24/7.

-In the Break Into Tech Course Package, you'll first get the foundation in design and development that you'll need for *any* area of tech. Then, you'll be able to specialize in either design or development -- or both, if you'd like to become a "digital unicorn"! And finally, you'll learn what it takes to actually start working in tech -- whether that's as a freelancer or working for a company, remote or in-person.

-You'll be building "real-life" projects (like your own online portfolio) that you can use when pursuing jobs or clients in tech.

-You'll be a part of our active and supportive online student community where you can meet your instructors and classmates daily and engage in learning and working together.

-You'll have access to a special collection of career resources (like webinars, guides, templates, checklists, etc) to help you find and land a job or clients in your new field. 

-You'll have live video sessions with your career counselor at the end of each phase of Break Into Tech to make sure you're set with the skills from the phase. And, during your career counseling session, they'll help you plan the next steps you need to take for getting started with your tech career and also help you choose the best next steps in Break Into Tech.

-You'll be a part of the online alumni community after the course where you can network and share resources together with all past Skillcrush students plus get great tips and advice for boosting your freelancing career or job search.

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