How much do Skillcrush Courses cost?

Break Into Tech is one payment of $1599 USD or twelve monthly payments of $149 USD each. And the Specific Skill Courses are each one payment of $549 USD or three monthly payments of $199 USD each. Front End Developer plus React is a one time payment of $699 USD or four monthly payments of $199 USD each.

We have also recently launched our new Advanced CSS class, which along with our Introduction to JavaScript React class, are available as an add-ons to the Break Into Tech, Front End Developer, and Web Developer Courses for a one-time payment of $199 USD. Python, Digital Marketing, and the UX Professional Courses are available as add-ons to Break Into Tech for $249 USD each.

There are also special discounts for people who are unemployed or full-time students. Just let us know at if that applies to you, and we'll get you all the details about the discounts.

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