What are the requirements/prerequisites for Skillcrush Blueprints?

You don't need any experience or previous knowledge to start our Break Into Tech Blueprint, Visual Designer Blueprint, Front End Developer Blueprint, or Web Developer Blueprint. We'll teach you everything you need to know, step by step!

To start the Freelance WordPress Developer Blueprint, you need to be comfortable with HTML and CSS before starting the WordPress Developer Blueprint. If you're not already comfortable with them, the Front End Developer Blueprint is a great place to start!

And, although no technical skills are required for the Freelance Business Building, it's designed for students who are planning to build a freelance business as a web designer or web developer. So, before starting it, you should be comfortable with the basics of personal branding and/or HTML and CSS. If you're not comfortable with them yet, the Visual Designer Blueprint and/or the Front End Developer Blueprint are great places to start!

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