Can I do Skillcrush courses on a Chromebook?

Our courses are designed to be done on either a Mac or a Windows computer since they are the industry standards in design and development and what most companies and clients will expect skills with.

You could be able to do most of our courses on a Chromebook (but not on a mobile phone or tablet/iPad). But, in that case, you'll have to find and learn some tools on your own.

Please know that the Adobe Suite cannot be used on a Chromebook. So, while you could learn other tools on your own and complete the lessons on your own with them, you would not be able to learn the Adobe Suite without a Mac or a Windows computer.

So, if you can get a hold of a Mac or Windows machine, that'd be easiest. But, if you're ok with figuring things out on your own, you can go with a Chromebook.

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