What is the Break Into Tech Blueprint?

The Break Into Tech Blueprint is a comprehensive program that is the result of the paths we've seen our most successful students take.

It gives you a personalized plan for learning *exactly* what you need to hit your personal goals and support and guidance from your instructors and career counselors to make sure you both learn the skills and are ready to start your career in tech.

Plus, the Break Into Tech Blueprint gives you the possibility to take nearly all of our classes!

The Break Into Tech Blueprint includes:

•A personalized learning path with built-in checkpoints and three distinct phases designed for the training you need to reach your goals

•A plan for learning the skills in exactly the right order and exactly when you're ready for the next step

•Lifetime access to nearly our full library of courses (with the exception of the UX and Digital Marketing Blueprints) and resources to learn all the core skills you need in design and development (once you've made the one-time payment or the twelve monthly payments)

•Real-life projects to build the portfolio you have to have to show off your skills to future employers or clients

•Support in our special online student community and from instructors via email

•Certificates of completion for each phase of your learning

•A structured plan for getting involved in the tech community to get the experience and make the connections you need for your career

•The Skillcrush Apprenticeship: Learn how to find and land a client and get hands on support as you work on your first paid project

•Career counselling when you start and at the end of each phase of the program to guide you towards the right career path for you, review your portfolio and resume, and help you get ready to get hired or start freelancing

You can read more about the program at  https://skillcrush.com/break-into-tech-blueprint and from the syllabus at https://s3.amazonaws.com/media.skillcrush.com/skillcrush/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Syllabus-MVP-__-The-Break-Into-Tech-Course-Package.pdf

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