What is Break Into Tech?

Break Into Tech includes the full version of these courses:

  • Visual Design
  • Front End Development + ReactJS

and the full version of these classes that are only available in Break Into Tech:

  • Web Design
  • Ruby (back end development)
  • Intro to WordPress
  • WordPress Best Practices

You can do as many or as few of the Break Into Tech courses as you want.

And, as a Break Into Tech student, you can add on the full version of any or all of these other courses for the specially discounted one-payment prices at https://skillcrush.com/bit-add-ons: Advanced CSS, Digital Marketing, Python, and/or UX.

In each part of Break Into Tech, you learn the skills you need for entry-/junior-level jobs, and you can get support from instructors via:

  • in-lesson feedback challenges
  • our private student community on Slack
  • email
  • small-group q&a sessions on Zoom

Break Into Tech also includes four 1-on-1 career mentorship sessions on Zoom to help you understand the design/development fields, decide on what path is best for you, and help you set small goals to work toward your big goal of working in tech!

Plus, throughout Break Into Tech, you build a portfolio of real-world projects to show off your skills, and you can have your portfolio reviewed by an instructor to make sure it's job-ready.

You can read more about Break Into Tech at https://skillcrush.com/break-into-tech-blueprint.

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