What is Break Into Tech?

Break Into Tech is our most comprehensive program here at Skillcrush. It takes you from tech beginner to working in tech, and it's made up of:

Career Tracks

  • the front-end developer track and the UI/UX designer track to learn all the skills you need to start working in tech (You can do either track - or both!)
  • free optional courses in WordPress, back end development, and freelancing
  • paid specialization courses - Digital Marketing, Advanced CSS, or Python - for a super discounted price ($199 for Advanced CSS and/or $249 each for the others)
  • support from instructors via: - in-lesson feedback - our private student community - email - small-group q&a sessions on Zoom and 4 one-on-one Zoom check-ins with career mentors
  • real-world projects to build your portfolio - and a thorough portfolio review to make sure it's job-ready!


the Get Hired Track

  • 5 classes to prep for and optimize your job search
  • support from your career coach via: - a one-on-one Zoom Get Hired Track kick-off session - weekly small-group Zoom check-ins - one-on-one interview practice - personal resume and LinkedIn profile reviews

You can read more about Break Into Tech at https://skillcrush.com/break-into-tech-blueprint

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