How does the All-Access Career Blueprint work?

All the lessons (videos, readings, interactive exercises, projects, etc) for the All-Access Career Blueprint are online and available to you 24/7.

Throughout the program, we send you an email every weekday morning to help keep you on track with the lessons, give you extra challenges and resources, and tell you about the live events (like weekly small-group video group office hours with instructors and monthly master class presentations from industry experts).

You'll also be part of the special online student community for the course where you can meet your instructors and fellow students, ask questions, share your work, and learn together.

And, as when you finish all the lessons and the milestone project for each phase, you'll set up a time to have a one-on-one video meeting with your career counselor. They'll review your milestone project to make sure you're set with the skills from the phase, and, during your career counseling session, they'll help you plan the next steps you need to take for getting started with your tech career and also help you choose the best next steps in your All-Access Career Blueprint.

The All-Access Career Blueprint is designed to first give you the foundation you'll need for *any* area of tech by teaching your the fundamentals of both design and development. Then, in the second phase of the program, you'll be able to specialize in either the area you're most interested in -- or even both, if you'd like to become a "digital unicorn"! And finally, in the third phase, you'll learn what it takes to actually start working in tech -- whether that's as a freelancer or working for a company, remote or in-person.

To do a full track (designer or developer) of the All-Access Career Blueprint in nine months, most people either study an hour or so a day or about 6-8 hours a week. And, with the same schedule most people can complete a full track plus specializations (like WordPress or back-end).

With the All-Access Career Blueprint, you'll have access to the classes, the online student community, and your instructors' support as long as your subscription is active. And, as you finish each class in the All-Access Career Blueprint (like Skillcrush 107, Skillcrush 101, etc), you'll get lifetime access to that class.

After the course is over, you'll be invited to join the alumni community where you can keep collaborating with other Skillcrush students plus find out about special job opportunities and all kinds of other Skillcrush goodness.

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